Institute Overview

The only event focused on preparing executives for the transition to pay-for-value by showcasing the payer and provider partnerships that are leading the way in the new era of value-based care.

The health and human services field is in a time of transition when it comes to financing and reimbursement models – particularly in the sectors of the field that serve consumers with complex needs.

And this transition is uneven – depending on the services an organization provides, its consumer base, and its geographic location. But the goal of this shift is the same across all payers – from Medicaid, to Medicare, to commercial payers, value-based care is the name of the game.

Weathering this transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement is easier said than done for the executives of many provider organizations. What separates a successful shift to value from an unsuccessful one, is an organization embracing a new way of doing business – from top to bottom. This fundamental change in reimbursement is more than just a change in strategy, it requires a change in how organizations operate – their financial management systems, their performance metrics, and their talent management strategy.

The question most executives are asking themselves is: How do you make the shift to pay-for-value successful?

The answer to that question is the focus of The 2018 OPEN MINDS Performance Management Institute. This information-packed, two-day event will give executives the tools they need to realign their services, financing, and operations for success in a value-based care market. How?  By showcasing the payer and provider organization partnerships that are leading the way in the world of value. The institute will feature a series of real-life case studies from organizations that are succeeding in the transition to value-based care. Through these examples, executives will not only learn how to make the successful transition to pay-for-value, but also gain insight into the process and learn how other trail-blazing organizations made the leap into the future.

Whether you’ve already seen a shift away from fee-for-service, or are still anticipating the transition, join us this February in Clearwater, Florida to learn from the industry thought leaders, innovators, and market experts who are making value-based care a success.


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